Evolution - Automatic Calf Feeder

JFC takes calf feeding to the next level with the Evolution Calf Feeder capable of automatically feeding milk replacer to 140 calves. The easy-to-use control unit includes an innovative dual hopper system capable of dispensing 2 types of Calf Milk Replacer (CMR).
Individual calves are registered and assigned one of the 7 Feed Curves (ie. volume/concentration settings) relative to their nutritional requirements which are typically based on their age, breed, health and your rearing objectives.

Product Information

Unit Code: AF01
Stall Code: ST01
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  • ‘Anti-Powder Bridging’ system.
  • Automatically feeds up to 140 calves.
  • Supplies 2 types of CMR via dual hopper system.
  • Touch screen control panel.
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  • 8 feeding curves offer diverse nutritional programs.
  • Daily feed performance reports.
  • Simple to calibrate.
  • Quick new calf registration.
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