Eco Clean Footbath

Designed to fit in a standard crush, The JFC Eco Clean footbath uses 50% less capacity than conventional footbaths, meaning more cows treated for less solutions.

Product Information

Code: FB8
Capacity: 150L / 33gal
Dimensions: 2500 x 800 x 180mm
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  • Manufactured from tough polyethylene making them extremely hard wearing and durable.
  • Smooth base is effective in the treatment of claw/hoof diseases including interdigital dermatitis.
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  • Less Pollution - 60% of manure falls through grill.
  • Cost Effective - 50% less capacity than conventional
  • Easy to fill, empty & clean.
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  1. When first using fill with straw and water as this gets the cow used to going through as they are used to walking on straw.
    (When cows see a black hole filled with water they have no concept of the depth so will either baulk or try and leap through it)

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