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Calf Rearing with JFC Agri

JFC’s complete range of Hutches, Milk Karts and Teat Feeders will ensure your calves get the best possible start in life.

JFC Teat Feeders: 

JFC Calf test Feeders offer an efficient way of supplying milk to several calves at once. JFC’s compartment teat feeders are available in Single, four, six & ten teat options while our reservoir feeders are available in six & ten teat options. All teat feeders are fitted with two sturdy hooks for mounting on a standard gate/fence.

JFC offer a choice of two calf teats, the Starter Teat – CT6  is ideal for new born calves, the inverted nipple encourages the calf to suck thereby increasing saliva flow and enhancing milk digestibility. JFC’s EazyFlow Teat is specifically designed to replicate the natural sucking action of a calf on the udder. The EazyFlow Teat is fitted with a non-return valve that prevents milk from flowing back into the feeder.

Milk Karts:

JFC’s 170 litre Milk Kart is the perfect solution for transporting bulk quantities of milk on the farm, providing for quick and efficient calf feeding. The JFC Milk Kart is available fitted with a motorised mixer eliminating the need to hand mix milk replacement powder. A pumped version is available allowing you to dispense milk at up to 27 litres per minute using the handheld dispenser. A complete range of ATV Milk Karts is also available in both 170 and 340 litre models.

Calf Hutches: 

JFC offer a range of portable calf hutches, available in both single and group options. JFC Calf Hutches are well ventilated and easy to clean making them an ideal option for calf housing.  Our large single calf hutch  (CH110) is fitted with a rear fill door allowing you to add additional bedding with ease. Our group hutches are available in two options the CH230 is large enough to house 4 calves while our large super hutch (CH300) is designed to comfortably hold up to 8 calves.

Calf Slat: 

JFC Calf Slats are ideal for keeping calves clean and dry when placed inside a JFC hutch system. These weather resistant slats are tough, easy to handle/maintain, allowing for a shorter cleaning cycle. JFC calf slats fit perfectly in group pens, replacing the need for straw or other bedding.

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