Smart Farming

Our Smart farming range saves you time and money but also increases the control and security of your farm. With the help of smart cameras and sensors, you get information directly to your mobile. This allows you to act quickly when something happens.

  • FarmCam HD LF-FC01

    FarmCam HD

    FarmCam HD is a robust and wireless camera system that gives you an overview and control over your farm. You can keep an eye on your animals whenever you want and wherever you want through your mobile phone. This will make you feel confident that the animals are doing well even when you’re out of place.

  • Fence Alarm LF-FL01

    Fence Alarm

    Fence Alarm alerts you when the fence breaks which means you can act quickly and avoid the animals from escaping.

  • Smart Plug LF-SP01

    Smart Plug

    Smart Plug is a smart remote power switch you can control from your mobile phone. It can be used anywhere you have GSM coverage. Switch your equipment on and off from anywhere in the world and check both the temperature and power consumption. You can also receive alarms in case of a power failure or if the temperature goes outside a desired range.

  • Trailer Cam LF-TC01

    Trailer Cam

    A wireless camera system that works out of the box – interference-free, instant high-quality video transmission. Gain peace of mind from knowing that you will always spot problems as they happen, and reduce the stress on your horse through fewer interruptions. TrailerCam 5D automatically connects up to 4 cameras, making it easy to combine a camera inside the trailer with a reversing camera on the outside of the trailer.

  • Machine Cam LF-MC01

    Machine Cam

    A wireless camera system that works out of the box – interference-free, instant HD video transmission, and installation takes just 1 minute. Full freedom to place the camera wherever you need it. MachineCam lets you connect a camera on your combine auger to a screen in the trailer tractor.

  • Machine Cam Mobility LF-MC02

    Machine Cam Mobility

    MachineCam Mobility is designed to make your work on the field easier, safer and more efficient. This is a multi-use camera system, and you can easily move the system to different machines thanks to its mobile functionality.

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