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JFC’s Award Winning DBL9 Dumpy Tip-over Drinker

The JFC team couldn’t be prouder. Our DBL9 Dumpy Tip-Over Drinker collected two awards for Innovation in July.

JFC received a Certificate of Commendation for Technical Innovation at The Royal Highland show and a ‘White Rose What’s Next’ runners up award at the Great Yorkshire Show.

In early September JFC’s export team will travel to Rennes France for the Space Show, the DBL9 Dumpy Tip-over Drinker has already been awarded a two star Innov’Space award with a third star potentially available at the opening ceremony.

The JFC “Dumpy – Tip-over Drinker” is an all-new 3.5 litre rotating drink bowl that allows you to empty the bowl by the press of a button. The bowl operates by gravity, simply using the weight of water to swing 180 degrees, while dumping the entire contents of the drinker onto the ground/slats. This innovative drinker also swings back to a working position all within the same movement.

Want to see our DBL9 in action? Click HERE or watch the video below:

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