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JFC win Best Product at Innov’Space in Rennes France

Tuam based Plastics company, JFC Manufacturing Co Ltd win “Best Innovative Product” Award for their new DBL9 Tip-Over Drinker at the SPACE agricultural show in Rennes, France last night.

JFC’s export sales & marketing team are currently at the show exhibiting their range of plastic products at SPACE 2016 where their DBL9 Tip-Over Drinker was entered into the Innov’Space awards, and last night JFC’s Sales Director Colm Concannon was proud to accept the prestigious award for best innovative product 2016.


The JFC “DBL9 Tip-over Drinker” or “dumpy bowl” is an all-new 3.5 litre rotating drink bowl that allows you to empty the bowl by the simple press of a button, clean drinking water is vital for animal welfare and managing milk quality, ensuring cows have access to fresh clean drinking water will increase their water intake which in turn will increase their milk output and also helps reduce Somatic Cell Count in milk which leads to the farmer getting higher prices for milk, but cleaning livestock drinkers can be a very unpleasant chore for farmers so the idea of now being able to complete the job at the push of a button is a welcome development. The bowl operates by gravity, simply using the weight of water to swing 180 degrees, while dumping the entire contents of the drinker onto the ground/slats. This innovative drinker also swings back to a working position all within the same movement and refills again.

JFC’s DBL9 Tip-Over Drinker was awarded last night for Best Innovative Product at the Innov’Space awards in Rennes France. The Innov’Space awards are a highlight of the Space show which takes place this year from the 13th – 16th September. Innov’Space highlights JFC’s product entry at the show to an overall attendance of over 108,000 people over the 4 days.

JFC continue the exhibition journey next week with the National Ploughing Championship in Tullamore, Ireland, the award winning DBL9 “Tip-Over Drinker” will be on display and to mark the success of the DBL9 JFC are running a daily competition where customer can enter to win this award winning drinker each day of the show.

Want to see our DBL9 in action? Click HERE or watch the video below:

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