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Dairy Premium Hoof Solution – Intelligent Hoof Range


Major benefits to dairy farmers will result from the use of our Dairy Hoof Solution, an innovative walk through fast acting, long lasting footbath solution. This scientifically chelated mineral based formulation is non-hazardous and safe for both the animal and the farmer when in use and at disposal. The single mix solution contains wetting agents and the natural antiseptic Tea Tree oil that successfully penetrate the hoof. It is also a low pH triple buffered product that reduces water to a pH value of 2. The low pH maximises the available chelated minerals to be highly effective in treating hooves, while improving the success of the bath, by increasing the number of cow passes by up to 500 for a 200 litre footbath, making it more cost effective. Our Premium Hoof Solution is not only going to save time by being effective when the cow walks straight through it is also suitable for automatic footbaths.

Why should you use the JFC Premium Dairy Hoof Solution?

    • Supporting Hoof Care, Milk Yield and Reduced Costs.
    • Fast Acting, Long Lasting, easy to use single mix solution


Would you waste solution on a dirty hoof? A pre-wash footbath is an essential part of your daily footbathing routine. Simply allow the cow to walk through a water only footbath before they walk through the solution footbath.

Reduce Antibiotics

With the industry focus to reduce the use of anti-biotics by 25% by 2020. By using a highly effective footbathing solution regularly reduces the likelihood of lameness occurring.  With veterinary practices no longer prescribing antibiotic based hoof solutions, the JFC Premium Hoof Solution is an environmentally friendly alternative whilst tackling bacteria head on.

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