Since our formation in 1987 we have assisted farmers meet their farming needs through use of our innovative agricultural products.

Cattle Product Categories

  • Water Troughs

    Our polyethylene troughs are tough, impact resistant and designed to withstand heavy use. Each trough is stable in UV light and has a high freeze/thaw cracking resistance making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our range of innovative troughs is available in a variety of shapes and sizes (50-1590L) that are easy to transport, install and service.

  • Drinkers

    Our extensive range of drinkers are suitable for internal and external use. The plastic used in our drinkers has high freeze/thaw cracking resistance, a particularly important feature in freezing conditions. Each drinker is designed with rounded edges for ultimate animal safety.

  • Evolution - Automatic Calf Feeder

    The Evolution is an automatic calf feeder that feeds and monitors calves on an individual basis, allowing calves to reach their full potential while helping you reduce farm labour costs. Calves are registered to the Evolution using an RFID tagging system, assigning each calf to a predefined feed curve relative to their individual nutritional requirements.

  • Calf Housing and Accessories

    We offer an extensive portfolio of calf housing options ranging from our individual Calf Crib to our large super hutch (CH300) capable of housing up to 8 calves.

  • Feeders & Feed Equipment

    Our range of feeders are manufactured from tough, impact resistant polyethylene, they are extremely durable and capable of withstanding even severe impact. The fracture resistant material and rounded edge design ensures animal safety. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, each feeder is finished with a smooth, seamless coat to reduce feed build up.

  • Buckets

    We offer a complete range of buckets from single, double to our original triple bucket.

  • Footbaths

    Our range of footbaths are manufactured from tough polyethylene making them extremely hard wearing and durable. They have in-built safety ribs to prevent slipping and are designed with a turned in lip which significantly reduces the amount of solution wasted due to spillages.

  • Premium Hoof Solution

    JFC Premium Hoof solution, an innovative footbath solution to be used in walk through footbaths. JFC Premium Hoof will improve the success of the bath, and increasing the number of passes.

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