Dumpy - Tip Over Drinker

Our “Dumpy – Tip-over Drinker” is an all-new 3.5 litre rotating drink bowl that allows the farmer empty the bowl by the press of a button, it is operated by gravity and simply uses the weight of the water to swing 180 degrees upside down dumping the entire contents of the drinker on to the ground or slats and in the same action it can swing back to working position again.

Product Information

Code: DBL9
Capacity: 3.5L / 0.9gal
Dimensions: 340 x 230 x 360 mm
Barcode: 5391509625357
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  • Manufactured from frost resistant polyethylene.
  • Multiple fixing points for easy mounting to wall or bracket
  • Hinged Tipping point
  • Fixed Float Valve JBV1 with no rotating connections.
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  • Easy to clean, ensuring clean drinking water for your animals.
  • Capacity of 3.5 Litres, Drinker fills in under 15 seconds.
  • Easy to use and clean therefore saving you time
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  1. Compliance with UK water by-laws regulations require the drink bowl to be connected with a supply from a breaker or header tank.

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