Compact Calf Hutch

Calf hutches are a healthy housing alternative for calves in the first 10 weeks of life. Independent trials have shown that outdoor ventilated hutches significantly reduce calf mortality and cross infections including scour and pneumonia.

  • CH230 - Compact Calf Hutch

  • CH230 - Compact Calf Hutch

  • SCH2 - Penning Frame

Product Information

Code: CH230
Dimensions: 2100 x 2150 x 1700mm
Capacity: 3-4 calves
Weight: 51kg
Barcode: 5391509622875
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  • Accommodates up to 4 calves simultaneously.
  • Rear vent for increased ventilation.

  • White colour reflects sunlight and therefore prevents overheating.
  • Strong, durable and weather resistant.
  • 2 lifting hooks on roof for ease of transport.
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  • Promotes early bonding.
  • Allows calves to experience the group environment in less threatening and competitive conditions.
  • Acts as transition housing to better to better prepare calves for the general herd.
  • Calves housed in group hutches tend to experience less stress when moved into the herd.
  • Produces calves with faster growth rates, higher weaning weights and healthier appearances.
  • A more cost effective and versatile alternative to permanent shed/buildings.
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