MIneral Rocker Feeder

The Mineral rocker supplement feeder has a self-raising function. The feeder always turns back to an upright position, no matter how much the animals push it around. The feeder has a high front lip and does not spill its content of mineral feed, no matter how much it tilts and swirls due to the animals’ manipulation of it. The Mineral Rocker is made of strong PEHD plastic. The self-raising function is due to a contra weight in the bottom, made of cast iron. The feeder does not require any maintenance.
One feeder will serve about 50 animals.

Product Information

Code: MRF01
Capacity: 50 Kg
Dimensions: 1000mm x 800mm x 34mm
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  • The self-raising function ensured feeder turns back into an upright position
  • One feeder will serve about 50 animals.
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  • Keeps feed dry in wet weather
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