Thermal Equine Drinker

Our Thermal Drinker prevents the water from freezing allowing access to drinking water during the winter months. The unique design allows for watering with or without use of an internal bucket. The float helps to insulate the bucket by floating at the top of the water surface, nudging down on the float allows access to the water.

Product Information

Code: TED01
Capacity: 20L / 5.2gal
Dimensions: 490D x 500W x 460H
Barcode: 5391535292356
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  • Delays water from freezing for up to*

    18 Hours in -5°C.

    10 Hours in -15°C.

    5 Hours in -20°C.

    *Results are based on using a full bucket of water at 15°C.
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  • Easy to clean & install.
  • Safe for any animal.
  • No electricity required.
  • Can be used year round.
  • Can be floor and wall fixed.
  • Allows for accurate monitoring of water intake.
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