Door Mounted Swivel Feeder

The Door Mounted Swivel Feeder is extremely durable and finished with a smooth, seamless finish for ease of cleaning. Designed with innovate features to prevent feed spillage and waste.

  • EQ10 - Door Mounted Swivel Feeder

  • DOF1 - 1" Drain Off

Product Information

Code: EQ10
Capacity: 16L / 3.5gal
Dimensions: 560 x 305 x 200mm
Barcode: 5391509620833
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  • Designed with 2 mounting holes on the back for secure fitting to a stable door.
  • Fitted with a drain-off plug (25mm) for easier cleaning.
  • Rim designed with a feed retention lip to minimise wastage.
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  • Ideal for stable swivel doors providing a quick and easy method to feed stabled horses.
  • Designed specifically for the care and management of horses.
  • Reduce the amount of feed wasted or spilt by the horse.
  • Built to withstand aggressive horse play while also insuring horse safety.
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