500L ATV Tipping Trailer

The 500L tipping trailer is fitted with 2 pneumatic wheels, a galvanised chassis and an easy-to-use tipping mechanism. The heavy duty galvanised frame ensures the trailer is suited to harsh terrain.

  • ATV500-2 - ATV Tipping Trailer

  • ATV Tipping Trailer

  • ATV Tipping Trailer (close up)

  • ATV Tipping Trailer (hinge point)

  • ATV Tipping Trailer (release clip)

  • ATV Tipping Trailer (Lever Ball Hitch)

  • ATV Tipping Trailer

  • ATV Tipping Trailer (6 Ply wheel QW)

Product Information

Code: ATV500-2
Capacity: 500L
Dimensions: 2316 x 1425 x 940mm
Barcode: 5391535290291
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  • Metal support frame making it suitable for heavy
    loads up to 500kg.
  • Tough & durable polyethylene body mounted on to a galvanised metal frame.
  • Fitted with a lever ball hitch.
  • Protective steel plate on front lip of body prevents damage on impact.
  • Strong hinge point allows for tipping of loads.
  • Fitted with 2 roller bearing 4-ply pneumatic wheels.
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  • Innovative tipping mechanism ensures minimum effort is required to transport and tip heavy, bulky loads.
  • Galvanised frame and polyethylene body ensures a long life span.
  • Ideal for use around the farm yard, stable or garden.
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  1. Ensure trailer is front heavy to allow for easier tipping.
  2. Keep wheels inflated to 30 PSI for optimum performance.

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