Land Drainage & Water Management

Since our formation in 1987 we have assisted farmers meet their farming needs through use of our innovative agricultural products

Land Drainage & Water Management

  • Land Drainage Pipe

    We offer an unrivaled commitment to the agricultural sector with our range of twin-wall high density polyethylene pipe ideal for land drainage and flood risk management projects. An external corrugated wall is fused with an inner smooth wall to ensure strength and rigidity on the outside and efficient flow on the inside. The design, unlike traditional single-wall pipes prevents silt accumulation. Available perforated, unperforated, and half perforated CorriPipe™ is suitable for various applications.

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

    We offer an extensive range of over and under ground Rainwater Harvesting and Water Storage Systems to assist the agricultural community address the major challenges associated with water management - including water shortages and soaring water prices.

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