4.5 Gallon Clean Drink Bowl

A large reservoir capacity bowl the water is covered by a swinging lid to prevent contamination from dirt. Fitted with a 1/2" brass float valve and drain-off plug (25mm). 2 stainless steel wall brackets supplied for secure fixing.

  • KDBL2 - Clean Drink Bowl

  • PB04 - Protection Bracket (Optional)

  • BV6B - 1/2" Valve with 6" Arm

  • KDB-B - Stainless Steel Brackets

Product Information

Code: KDBL2
Capacity: 20.5L / 4.5gal
Dimensions: 525 x 375 x 300mm
Barcode: 5391509620727
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  • Water covered by a swinging lid to prevent contamination from dirt.
  • Large reservoir capacity bowl.
  • Fitted with 1/2" brass valve 2 stainless steel mounting brackets.
  • Built in drain off plug (25mm).
  • Optional left or right valve fitting.
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  • Ensure fresh and clean water is always available for your livestock.
  • No need to clean out bowls by hand.
  • Extremely impact resistant and capable of withstanding aggressive use.
  • Suitable for internal and external use.
  • Fully adjustable & accessible valve that complies with water safety regulations.
  • JFC have 27+ Years’ Experience in the market.
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  1. Compliance with UK water by-laws regulations require the drink bowl to be connected with a supply from a breaker or header tank.
  2. Swinging lid makes it ideal for when using a straw blower.

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